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We adopt a long term investment philosophy, based on the real economy and the strong convictions of our investment committee. We defend a value bias investment style. Our outperformance is mainly reached by asset allocation which is based on our extensive investment research. Our Senior investment specialists are authorities in their respective sectors.

Our investment philosophy combines two complementary approaches: asset allocation (Top-Down) and stock picking (Bottom-Up).

The Top-Down approach (macro) determines the asset allocation and the geographical allocation (worldwide). We estimate that stock picking outside of Switzerland increases risks more than it increases returns. So concerning foreign equities, we invest mainly in ETFs.

Balanced mandates

  • GMG Balanced Mandates E
  • GMG Mandat balancé F


  • Swiss Equities E
  • Swiss Equities F
  • GMG Swiss Small & Mid Cap E
  • Swiss Small & Mid Cap F
  • GMG Swiss Real Economy E
  • GMG Swiss Real Economy F

GMG Properties

  • GMG Property E
  • GMG Property F