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Private Wealth Management

Our strategic approach to wealth management stems from many years of experience in advising HNW individuals and families in managing their global wealth. We do not advocate or favour any particular strategies, but consider the client’s entire asset base.

Using GMG’s proprietary Investment Management Solutions platform we perform a comprehensive analysis of the consolidated assets of clients over all asset classes, including bankable as well as non-bankable assets. Once the real as opposed to perceived risk profile of the client’s global wealth has been established, we jointly determine the desired risk tolerance.

The agreed risk profile drives the investment strategy, the asset class allocation and selection of the individual asset lines. Our disciplined and systematic management style has proven itself extremely efficient.

Clients can mandate us as follows:

Global Strategic Advisory

Including Dynamic Enhanced Reporting, we also provide advice and act for clients in both strategic matters as well as tactical decisions relating to investment portfolios. We support clients with risk analysis and management with a bias towards absolute returns. However, under this mandate, the clients make the final determinations.

Dynamic Enhanced Reporting

We provide comprehensive analysis and reporting across a client’s entire range of investments, wherever held, on a global consolidated basis. Intelligence and expertise combine to provide the insight and transparency needed to assist the investment advisor and the client to review the risk adjusted performance of third party asset managers.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Including Dynamic Enhanced Reporting, GMG Wealth Management handles, on a discretionary basis, all investment decisions to achieve the client’s goals while remaining within the agreed risk tolerance boundaries. Our IMS platform automatically benchmarks us and compares our performance against industry standards as well as our peers.

In all cases, our systems allow for the use of multiple custodian banks and various wealth managers operating concurrently. With a GMG Discretionary Mandate, clients further benefit from our open architecture, in-house fund selection capabilities as well as private equity and direct real estate investment opportunities.

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